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With split ends and cut hair, we will respond to those who are worried ♪

Hello. “Orby”.

Last time, depending on drying and lifestyle,

It becomes hair that is prone to static electricity,

It becomes difficult to organize.

I told you that.

With our recommended treatment

Increase the amount of moisture in the hair,

Together, hair that is not prone to static electricity

Let's aim.


This time, about the countermeasures against split ends and broken hair,

I would like to talk to you.

There is no self-healing function in the hair,

Once hair has become split, it cannot be repaired.

But there are ways to care for split ends and make your hair look beautiful.

Protect your hair with treatments and oils

By treating the hair that lost protein,

You can replenish nutrients.

Also, if you moisturize your hair with oil or treatment,

Hair damage is less noticeable.

How are split ends treated?

Once the hair has become split, it cannot be restored.

If it is cut off, it is a quick anti-branch measure.

However, there are points in the treatment of split ends.

Hair that has become split ends

Damage is also progressing above the split ends.

So instead of cutting only the split ends,

Cut at least 5cm above the split ends.

The best way to prevent split ends and split ends

[To cut frequently at the salon]is.

The longer your hair, the more

Nutrition becomes difficult to reach to the hair ends.

When your hair is damaged,

No more nutrition,

It may cause split ends.


So before your hair gets too damaged,

It is recommended to cut frequently at the salon.

If your hair is healthy and you cut it frequently,

You can stretch your hair beautifully ♪

In “orby”, without changing the length,

As we accept cut only for the hair tip,

Please feel free to contact us.

Cut frequently

Let's become hair with no split ends.

We look forward to your visit.


【store information】

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