Damage improvement hair esthetic! Please try once.


Ladies cut
With shampoo, blow-in, massage, hair resetter (partial)
Men's cut
With shampoo, blow-in, massage and collar shaving
Junior high school / high school student cut
Shampoo, blow included
Kids cut
Shampoo included
Infant cut (children only holding the baby) ¥2,500

Hair resetter

The special cut eliminates various problems such as splitting the bangs / spinning / neckline / sparkling / volume and reducing the habit.
Zero damage without using drugs

section +¥1,000
Full head +¥3,000


Shampoo, blow ¥2,000
Mens shaving
¥ 2000 course (30 minutes), ¥ 3000 course (40 minutes)
Ladies shaving
¥ 2000 course (30 minutes), ¥ 3000 course (40 minutes)


Set menu

Overall color + cut ¥9,000
Root retouch (within 3 months) + cut ¥8,000

Point menu

Overall color only ¥7,500
Root retouch only ¥6,500
T zone color ¥3,000

For those who feel anxious about hair color due to scalp / skin problems

Non-diamine color +¥2,000
Natural herbal color +¥2,000

What is non-diamine color?

What is diamine?
Diamine is a hair dye component used in many hair coloring agents. While it can be dyed firmly with a small amount of pigment, it is harmful to the scalp and skin and may cause allergies.
The non-diamine color is a body-friendly color agent that does not contain any diamine. By increasing the amount of pigment, you can express a clear and vivid color.
Recommended for these people!
  • Feeling irritation and itching after hair coloring
  • For allergies
  • I am worried about the brown color after my hair color
  • For those with sensitive skin
  • If your hair is thin
  • Those who have lost their elasticity, stiffness and luster

Each color agent has advantages and disadvantages. We will ask the customer's request and guide you to the optimal color. Please feel free to contact us.

(Rash / itch)
Dyed gray hair damage
Normal color Dyes well
Herbal color × Dye black Almost none
Non-diamine color × Than normal gray hair dyeing
Color is not good
There are some

Scalp care

This is an option menu limited to color customers.

Scalp detox (hematin)
Effect of hematin
  • Strong oxygen absorption rate (stronger hair)
  • Removes active oxygen (prevents scalp aging)
  • Restores melanin pigment that causes white hair (prevents gray hair)
Scalp protection (zero touch color)
This is a technique that uses a special comb to apply the color agent to the scalp without applying it directly to the scalp. Direct coloring on the scalp can cause dryness, fine hair, gray hair and hair loss.
Scalp cleaning (head spa)
Preventive beauty training spa based on Oriental medicine
Recommended for such people!
  • White hair is increasing
  • I feel a lot of hair loss
  • My hair is thin and thin
  • The amount of bangs has decreased
  • Dandruff and greasy scalp
  • Itchy and dry scalp


Creep perm + cut
With shampoo, blow, massage
It is a gentle agent that has less damage, has better durability than normal permanents, and can produce a firmer curl.
Royal Ricard (Digital Perm) + Cut
With shampoo, blow, massage
Unlike conventional digital perms, this is a low temperature digital perm of 40 ° C to 50 ° C. Mixing a permanent with a treatment to keep the protein soft and moisturized.

Special Curl

Shining Curl
With cut, shampoo, blow, massage

Straight perm

We propose a straight perm menu that suits each customer's hair problems by formulating two kinds of drugs according to the hair habit.
It is a natural straight that forgets that it is a habit of hair that seems to have been born straight hair instead of the unnatural curly hair straightening that is done by baking the hair with a conventional hot iron and forcing it straight.

Set menu (cut included)

straight ¥13,000

Point menu

Bangs straight +¥3,000
Front straight +¥4,000

Option Treatment


It is a treatment that returns the hair to a clean state before applying the color agent or perm solution, minimizes the damage caused by the drug, and at the same time maximizes the effect of the drug.
In order to make damaged hair as close as possible to healthy hair, we will add nutrition and reduce drug damage.

basis +¥3,000
Rickella +¥5,000
Rickera + iogs +¥8,000
[Special menu for rickella]
Hair shaping

Detox (intermediate processing)

A treatment that removes all unnecessary hair and makes it healthy. If chemicals such as colorant or perm liquid remain on the scalp or inside the hair, it becomes prone to cut hair, split ends, dry hair, dust, and gray hair.

Hematin +¥1,000
Chitosan +¥1,000

Treatment (post treatment)

The best protection and repair of hair. The nutritional balance is adjusted from inside the hair. The color lasts better and prevents external damage.

Iogs +¥3,000


Hair quality improvement

For those worried about hard hair, heat burn hair, and water repellent hair
For those worried about the swell and spread of hair
Glitter hair
For those who are worried about the rough surface of their hair
Ricella "Hair Pelvis Correction"
For those worried about aging hair and high damage
Science Square “Beauty Hair Charge”
For those with problems due to chemical damage
Pikak "Innovative Straight"
For those worried about hair growth


Basic treatment
Prepares a well-balanced foundation (moisture) (nutrient) (lipid) with broken hair.
Milk rape treatment
The hair is well-prepared to a certain level, and one step of dark nutrition is poured into a milk crepe, and the hair is memorized in good condition.
Takumi treatment
Aims to protect hair that has been cleaned and to maintain better condition.

Head spa

One with strong redness on the scalp and one with many cracks ... Add a herb extract for ¥ 1,000
If your scalp is hard ... Add 5 minutes to wash massage for ¥ 500

Good night course 60 minutes
Counseling + scalp beauty treatment + washing 15 minutes + massage + blow
Tiredness, lack of sleep, stress reduction
Scalp care course 60 minutes
Counseling + scalp beauty treatment + washing 15 minutes + massage + blow
Reduces redness, inflammation, dandruff and itching of the scalp
Hair growth course 60 minutes
Counseling + scalp beauty treatment + washing 15 minutes + massage + blow
Trouble of hair loss and alopecia, activation of napped muscles
Rejuvenation course 65 minutes
Counseling + scalp beauty treatment + washing 20 minutes + massage + blow
For those who are concerned about white hair, hair loss and hair volume
Treatment course 65 minutes
Counseling + scalp beauty treatment + washing 20 minutes + massage + blow
Improvement of alopecia, alopecia areata, postpartum alopecia, and severe allergic symptoms due to internal factors