orby is a salon that considers the health and beauty of your hair first.


We think Beautiful hair comes from a healthy scalp. A healthy scalp starts with a healthy bodybased on.
We will perform treatment that suits each customer. To clean your hair, we will perform a safe and safe treatment.
Please feel free to contact us if you have any complaints or requests.

Orby wants to pursue the excitement and joy of our customers.
orby is an organic note store.


  • orby takes care of each customerTreatment that suits youI will do it.
  • To clean your hairSafe and secure treatmentto hold.
  • Used by orbyAll medicines are carefully selected so that they do not burden your hair and are gentle on the skinPlease rest assured that you are using.
  • If you are dissatisfied with technical contents & difficult to do, please contact us within 7 daysRework for as many times as you likeLet me do it.
  • StillFull refund if you are not satisfiedLet me do it. Of course, it does not make customers feel that way. This is our “proof of confidence”.
  • Bring the product if the product you purchased does not fit. I will give you a full refund.
  • Let us do what you can do in the salon. Please take care of your own hair at home (home care).

In order to keep your hair clean, please work together.

Hair quality improvement


Our shop is a salon where women who want to have beautiful hair arrive.

The first thing I want to tell you is that you can make your hair beautiful and beautiful, no matter what your hair is.

In orby, ridiculous, swell, split ends, unbroken hair ...
All of these women's hair problems will lead to glossy hair that is admired by those around them.
Careful counseling will be provided so that customer problems can be improved.
After that, we begin the treatment in a calm space.

Hair resetter


A hair resetter is a special scissor that is different from the conventional scissors.
It can be scooped from the root and can be cut carefully one by one.

It is said that there is something called hair crossing at the base of the hair, and it will not be resolved, so it will not work well at home.

The hair resetter corrects the direction of each hair, and makes the hair well-organized by performing treatment from the root.
If you don't want to hurt your hair with drugs, we recommend this treatment.



Our shop pursues the beauty of hair and scalp and prepares (treatment) that suits each customer.

While thinking about protecting and repairing hair first, we will adjust the nutritional balance of the hair and prepare the nutritional foundation from the inside of the hair, which was considered difficult with conventional treatments.
Please contact us if you want to grow your hair cleanly or have problems with damage.

Why do not you get your favorite style with real care? Our shop is an organic note handling shop.

Non-diamine color


Diamine is an essential component of hair coloring agents, such as PPDA (paraphenylenediamine) contained in dyes as the core of hair coloring.

In fact, it is said that the accumulation of diamine in the body may cause an allergic reaction suddenly.

In our shop, we have prepared a non-diamine coloring agent that does not contain diamine so that you can enjoy the fashion with confidence.
Please use our non-diamine color if you have experience of skin irritation or trouble, or if you are concerned about your skin and have avoided hair color.
The non-diamine color has a clear and transparent color. If you are interested in the color you want, please contact us.

Preventive beauty


Preventive cosmetology is the treatment of thinning hair, hair loss, and circular hair loss by performing treatment with minimal burden on the skin and body while removing allergens from the body as much as possible without giving excessive irritation to the skin. Is to prevent.
In our shop, as a beauty salon, we are particular about enzyme drinks and health as well as cutting and coloring techniques.

Why do you need inner care?
In order to improve hair problems, it is actually a shortcut to make the body condition normal.

Why you need inner care

  1. Prepare the intestinal environment
  2. Less stress and hormonal balance
  3. Increase immunity
  4. Blood vessels dilate
  5. Oxygen and nutrients reach cells
  6. Prevents hair loss, gray hair and fine hair

Can you help me to get my total body beauty and total beauty?

We sell products that are good for your health


"I can't decide if I do styling myself ..." "I want to be able to care at home ..."

orby offers a variety of hair care products, including organic note.
Besides hair care products, sunscreen, lotion, cream, 100% juice juice and coconut oil
Accessories such as earrings ... etc
We have a lot of things that are good for your body!